It’s sad when you watch some couples in marriage. You can automatically feel the negative energy that exists in that marriage.

One person dominates, deceives and manipulates while the other person, lives in constant fear of his or her safety or perhaps, fear of confrontation. Whatever it is, it is definitely a relationship in which love and equal sharing is lacking.

It’s sad, really sad to see a supposed spouse being a ‘prisoner’ in his or her own marriage – the person clearly has no individual ‘say’ in his or her own life, no respect or any form of rights.

I know a woman who has to take permission from her husband for every single thing, down to even the color of her underwear. She practically sneaks in novels or clothes. He decides what sort of friend she should have, type of clothes she should wear and even where she should go! Is that a life? Is it not time for both parties to seek professional help?

Sometimes I wonder about the circumstances in which the union was formed. But no matter what, every individual have their common human rights.

I plead with you, whoever you are, if you know you possess that domineering spirit, please stop making your spouse feel unhappy and inferior.

And if you are the spouse being domineered, communication is key. Let your spouse know how his or her attitude makes you feel
Let him or her understand that you are a team, which means working together for the good of the family and not to compete against each other. Meanwhile keep being patient.

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