I met a friend who was severely concerned that I wasn’t yet married.

I mean, you haven’t seen me in like 4 years, and the first thing you ask me as a ‘friend’ is “Are you married?!” How crude. Immediately she asked that question, I reflexly looked at her left ring finger and there I saw it…her shining wedding band. No wonder she had the audacity to ask that question.

“No I am not O! Still waiting for God to show me my husband. But why do you ask?” I was just curious.

“Nothing really, I was just wondering that’s all. I expected someone like you to have settled down by now. You were such a good girl back in the days!” She retorted.

“So are you saying that it was not worth it, being good? I don’t get what you are driving at. I believe at the appointed time, God will give me my husband or what do you think?” I replied, now terribly confused.

“My friend, husband does not just fall from heaven without you asking God for it. Are you praying?” This nosy bitch continued…though she was making sense a bit!

“What do you mean? Of course I pray like any other single girl searching for a husband. I tell God to give me a handsome, God-fearing, fair in complexion, tall and rich man. But the ones I am seeing are definitely far from it, I tell you. God will not give me something I didn’t ask for. He is a faithful God”, I was now getting into the spirit of desperation.

My friend gasped and looked at me in amazement, “No wonder you are not married”. She kept shaking her head.

She told me that was not how God operated. That sometimes the things we consider important in our lives may not be good for us or may not be in God’s plan for us. She told me her own story and how she waited a bit before God finally answered her when she changed her prayer points. She used to ask for all those characteristics in a man until a man of God asked her if the men that didn’t have those qualities were not from God. He specifically asked her to change her points to God-fearing, hardworking and caring man rather than asking for material wealth and physical attributes. He told her that if she did that, all other features will be added to what she already had.

“I really hoped to marry a tall and fair in complexioned man but if you see my husband, black short devil! But he showers me with a lot of love and I love him in return”, this my friend explained.

I actually listened to her sermon except that I didn’t enjoy the fact that she ended up with a short black devil. God forbid that for me! Please God take control.

We bade ourselves goodbye. I wasn’t really sure if meeting this my friend was a good thing or a bad thing, but it sure left a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth.

Was God trying to tell me something?…Well, only time would tell.

As for now, my search for ‘my husband’ still continues.


  1. ask and maybe it will be given. This God matter and receiving blessings… all the manipulators and selfish persons dem don married.
    Be true to yourself. Unsolicited advisers are the silent criers..


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