Rabiu Yusuf

Photo credit: Daily Independent

A 43 year old man, Mr Yusuf Rabiu, killed his 10 year old son, Aliyu Rabiu, because he refused to live with him after he had divorced his mother. Despite Mr Rabiu’s beckoning, Aliyu insisted on staying with his mother. He then forcefully removed him from his mother’s care, to live with him.

Mr Rabiu, detained and chained his son for 10 days until he fell sick and died.

*Tell me how this is ‘Stubbornness’?!  Is it by force to have your child live with you when he doesn’t want to. One thing parents ought to know is that children are not stupid, they watch everything that is going on in the home. And when the chips are down, they generally flow towards the parent they feel comfortable with.


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