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Dear NHW,

I am an ardent reader of your blog and so would like to share a problem that is of serious concern to me. It’s basically a woman matter.

I am a widower with a 5 year old son. I lost my wife to breast cancer 4 years ago. I thought I would never find love again until about a year ago.

I met this lady, very pretty and quite decent. Everything appeared okay until I brought my son who was staying with his grandma into the picture.

I observed that she didn’t like having him around us. She would bark at him every time and the poor boy would just run away. It continued for a long time until I had to confront her but she says I am the one reading meaning into it.

Okay, look at this. Anytime we are planning an outing as a family, she doesn’t include my son. Instead she suggests he stays with my mum. She doesn’t make any effort to get close to him, even my son is not interested.

The one that shocked me the most is the fact that she’s already planning for him to go to boarding school! A child that is barely out of Nursery!

I don’t think I can marry her anymore. My son is very important to me and I am not prepared to deny him my full attention.

Please what do you suggest? I need a woman’s point of view.

*My dear blog reader, it’s sad that there are a lot of ‘opportunists’ parading as potential ‘wives’. This woman is definitely not in love with you. If she claims to love you as she says, then she should love everything that is connected to you.

She looks like a possible ‘wicked step mother’. Please my dear, prevention is better than cure. No need discussing the issue with her, just let her go quietly. Or else she will pretend until she becomes your wife, then you’ll see her true colour.

Prayer never fails though.


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