wpid-wp-1418931352850.jpegIt’s been pretty crazy for me in the past 2 days! I haven’t even caught my breath yet.

When you have daughters who are preparing for functions, it’s almost as if you are preparing for the Grammy…I wish! You have to shop for about everything…as in, everything has to be brand new. So much drama even at that.

My husband is so lucky, he never has to go through any of this!

Oh my, the hair…I forgot to mention the hair! Please, don’t remind me! You should see what I go through trying to get them to make up their mind about their preferred hairstyle.

Thank God, their party is tomorrow, so officially I will be free after tomorrow.

I’m sorry if I haven’t posted your mails, for those of you who sent ‘Agony Mails’. Gosh! My mail box is bursting with mails. Thanks all the same, just keep it coming..without you, there will be no me! *Hmmm, that sounded nice sexy!*

PicsArt (1)


Yeah, that’s my daughter, was deeply involved in the carol service.

So bear with me, if I haven’t blogged at all…I’ll make it up to you…*Hehehe*

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