Human beings are really funny, just like Linda Ikeji no dey hear word!

I don’t understand why Linda can’t read between the lines…she should stop broadcasting her success. As much as I love this girl, I just wish she could celebrate more with close family and very very few friends.

Can’t someone who speaks Linda’s language explain to her that it is not everyone that visits her site that is happy for her. A lot of them have monitoring spirit, a lot of them are ‘agents’ of you know what and a lot of them are just plain evil!

Why do I say this? Compare the number of people who congratulated her for being Google’s most searched site to the number of people who commented when she was doing her famous LIB give away. What will it take those who do LIB give away that was numbering over 10,000 to say congrats. It’s so nauseating that it was only a mere 374 and a little more to say congrats!

Anyway, my dear Linda, don’t worry, God has a way of protecting naive people.

Hate me now, and thank me later for being blunt!…it’s one of my strongest weakest point.

One thought on “LET ME LOOK FOR TROUBLE…

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