Photo credit: Vanguard

Devil! Devil! Devil! …continue doing overtime O! The God I serve will arrest you!

According to VANGUARD Shittu Aremu, 56 years old, was allegedly murdered by one Mr Sani  Saidu, 32 years old, who was hired as a ‘Motor Boy’…almost similar to a ‘conductor’s’ job.

The poor man unknowingly hired this evil guy to accompany him transport Aviation fuel, worth about N5.5 million, from Lagos to Port Harcourt. Mr Aremu even promised to pay him a certain amount after the trip, not knowing that, that would be the end of his life.

On the way, Saidu stabbed Mr Aremu and pushed him out of the truck. It was not until after 2 days that, a tracking device was able to track the destination of the car!

After he was caught, Said us reason for killing Mr Aremu was because he needed N150,000 to travel to Dubai!!

What am basically trying to say in this sad story is that:

– all these young guys that one to get rich or kill someone trying, it’s just so bad. A lot of lazy men are being bred these days. My take is this, if things are not working out for you, rather than kill someone, why don’t they just do the world a favour and kill themselves!

– People really have to be careful about whom they hire as helpers…These are end times. Pray for spirit of discernment.

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