Gunman: Self-styled Iranian sheikh Man Haron Monis demanded police officers bring him an ISIS flag in a chilling phone call to a local radio station.


He is 49 year old Sheik Haron Monis, who was born Manteghi Bourjerdi. Monis has previously been investigated for sending vile hate letters to the families of Australian soldiers killed by insurgents in Afghanistan, and was last November accused of being an accessory to murder of his ex-wife Noleen Hayson Pal after her body was found badly burned and suffering knife wounds.

In September last year, shortly before his ex-wife’s death, Monis was sentenced to  300 hours of community service after penning ‘grossly offensive’ letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers.He was also placed on a two-year good behaviour bond for 12 counts of using a postal service to cause offence.

Calling himself ‘The Brother’, Monis this morning held staff and customers hostage in a Sydney chocolate shop in what experts roundly believe to be a so-called ‘lone wolf’ attack.

While he was widely known as a practicing Shia Muslim, Monis is believed to have converted to Sunni Islam just last month when he posted a message on his now-suspended website rejecting Shiism and pledging allegiance to the Islamic State’s terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Already well-known to police,Monis is currently on bail for more than 40 sexual offences relating to his work as a so-called spiritual healer

Very very bad man…should be locked up for ever!

Culled from DAILY MAIL

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