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And I feel so good about it.

You see, when I tell you I love school runs, no kidding. You just don’t know what topic may just pop up! Or what your kids may want to talk about.

I can’t exactly say how it started but it had to do with education and how important it was…no escaping it! Education is the ticket to a definitely much better life…Thank God, we both agreed on that! Then, we tried comparing the lives of people with menial jobs to those that had professional ‘white collar’ jobs…difference was quite clear, no doubt. But then again, being educated doesn’t necessarily determine how rich you are, you gotta work hard. You could be educated and have all the certificates but still live below standard, because you are probably not working as hard…my son reasoned this out.

We then started on the topic of ‘cheating’. Why it was so important not to cheat, not an honourable thing to do. Cheating doesn’t give you access to your God-given intelligence. It makes one appear dull, my son chipped in. I told him it was better to fail honourably and be motivated to do better next time, than feeling cool with someone else’s marks. He then tells me how some kids call out to others for assistance in exams. Immediately, I pleaded that he shouldn’t follow them in their ways o! That behaviour completely wastes your time and doesn’t allow you think, very distracting.

We ended the discussion by agreeing to always study to be better than the best.

*Phew! I hope he remembers all these yarns*

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