wpid-wp-1418668879567.jpegGoing home is fast becoming a nightmare.

I can’t even spend one minute with my folks and all I hear is “Marriage this, marriage that!” Am I the only single person on earth? Am I the only person who has been unlucky with men? Should I just bring anybody home as husband? I wish they could just free me…

I’m seriously beginning to get sick and tired of hearing anything ‘Marriage’ or ‘Husband’.


While my mother was busy telling me about her friend whose son just got back from the United States (that got my interest though…who no like better thing?!), my mind kept filtering back at the outing I had over the weekend. Damn! I messed up BIG TIME!! My mother can keep yacking away for all I care, when there are more important issues to brood about…

This weekend would have been a hit for me, but No, I just had to judge a book by its cover! I went to the club with my friends…Yes Remi and Uzor (don’t blame me, they seem to know all the happening places and people) and there I met one ‘short Devil’, as ugly as what I can’t describe! He had the guts to ask me for a minute. Even when I ignored him, he was still persistent, until I insulted the living daylight out of him. The guy was so embarrassed that he decided to leave early. By then my friends had gathered around to ask what was up.

Someone please don’t ask me what ride he came in, or the number of body guards with him…OR WHO HIS FATHER IS?! JESUS EH!!…a day I will never forget! If only, he hadn’t been so short and ugly. If only he hadn’t been so shabbily dressed. Or is that how real life Princes dress now?! I don’t get!

Mscheew!…and my mother is here talking about a ‘hungry boy’ from United States.

That’s how I lost my chance of ‘settling down’!…back to square one na!

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