Image credit: SodaHead

Happy Sunday guys!…i have a bit of a hang over…yeah, I shouldn’t really but after the partying yesterday… I deserve it!

Dunno, yesterday was a bit different from other days of partying. Lol! Usually like the good wife that I am (believe it or not), I get home really early like say 8ish or at worst 10ish from parties…but yesterday, since I wasn’t with hussy, I felt like a dragon had been unleashed… I let all the stress out! In short, I felt 20 again!

It was not until much later, I just realised “Hey, I’m no match with these ‘juvies’… They beat me to it hands down”. Lol…so I hit the road!

But really, I hope your week was fun-filled. I know I haven’t been very regular with the blogging…but I promise to be more serious. Do stick around.


Image credit: SeamInspired

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