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My friends came around yesterday and suggested we hung out at a new club on the island. But you see, after my last experience with their ‘hanging out’, I just don’t trust them…at least these categories of friends.

Remi and Uzor, are girls that always have something up their sleeves, you never can tell what their ultimate plan is, and trust me, at the end of the day, you’ll see that you have been spun into a web of deceit. Fine, they make you believe that three of you are one big happy ‘family’, but in actual sense, it’s just 2 of them, it’s always been 2 of them…you are the outsider.

Last 2 weeks, I vowed I would never hangout with just 2 of them…totally not safe! They told me there was a party being organised by a ‘big boy’ on the island and I agreed to go. Who wouldn’t? My chance of finding a rich life-time partner and hopefully God-fearing. We were supposed to carry ‘over-night’ bags. We won’t be coming back that night, according to them.

The house of the host was nothing compared! The guy, like I imagined was ‘super-igbotic’ and arrogant, but I could pass, as long as that didn’t interfere with my night of fun. I was still admiring the lavishly-designed home when I noticed the butler carry my night-bag upstairs to his Oga’s room.

“Hey, where are you taking my bag to?” I enquired in total dismay.

“Oga, say make I carry am go him room”, he replied, continuing on his journey.

I immediately intercepted his movement up the stairs and insisted that he take the bag back to where he got it from. All these while, Remi and Uzor made no attempt to defend me, they stared on. I made quite a spectacle of myself until the arrogant host came out and asked what was going on. The idiot didn’t deem it fit to ask me the ‘offended’, instead, he pulled Remi and Uzor aside to the kitchen, and as curious as I was, I quietly moved closer to eavesdrop on their conversation. Okay, I gerrit…he had paid Remi to get him a chic, and it was me they saw to use…I slowly moved back to the living room.

By the time they came back to the living room, I had my night bag in my hands ready to take a cab. I didn’t tell them what I had heard. I decided to keep that in my ‘pocket’. They begged and begged but my mind was made up.

Now, they are back again…I laugh in Chinese…NEVER!



  1. “Fine, they make you believe that three of you are one big happy ‘family’, but in actual sense, it’s just 2 of them, it’s always been 2 of them…you are the outsider.”

    There’s nothing new here on this earth oh. My dear you did well! They sell you like that without even consulting you. People can be callous to ruin people. They will always want to be close to you because such people have this motto “keep your enemies closer”. Have the courage to get rid of them before they ruin your life for good.


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