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Help!! I am tired of the long distance relationship!

I met my boyfriend 6 years ago during my youth service. The rate at which we were going, I honestly thought we would be tying the knots any time soon. Even my parents thought so. Only for him to tell me that he was leaving the country to do a postgraduate course for 18months. I didn’t buy the idea but I still supported him. Since I was so in love, I thought you know I could wait it out. We were communicating and he came home once.

Looking forward to seeing him in 2 months then, because that’s was about the time he was supposed to return home. He didn’t come back. He called to tell me that he decided to pursue his PhD. Again?! That was 2 years gone already!

I had to ask him what plans he had for me? He pleaded that I should bear with him. NHW, I don’t think I can, this is 6 years in total! My heart, I won’t lie is not so into the relationship again. We don’t even communicate like we used to initially. And someone like me, I need to be in constant touch with the person for me to stay in love.

I met someone who is so likeable and whom I can love. But my long distance relationship is restricting me. I want to throw myself into the relationship but can’t because it feels like I’m cheating on my boyfriend. My heart is almost in 2 places.

I am weary NHW,please what do you advice I do? I want to settle down. I am 28 years old, please keep that in mind.

*My dear blog reader, don’t beat yourself to death, ain’t nothing wrong in you keeping things real. I personally don’t like long distance relationships myself…can be time wasters! The guy should come home and do the right thing and then go back and stay for another 100 years! Please I think you should ask him what his plans are for you…so that you can have closure(I just had to use the word…love it in a weird kinda way).


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