This is the ‘news’ that seems to be making waves in the air. I tire for ‘Olofofo’ media people.

But really is this news? That Uche lost her pregnancy does not mean she won’t get pregnant again. As I speak to you self, she has taken in.

I don’t understand how people will be ‘monitoring’ people’s womb! It doesn’t just make sense to me. So tey, they will monitor the sex of the baby and the size too!

If I were her sha (which I am not), I will just remain there jejely until I have my baby, to avoid ‘monitoring'”eyes.


  1. I second your tots. I was like this girl you are jumping up and down with this belle don’t u know you got enemies.
    Please she should have bed rest till she gives birth.
    i love her to bits God bless her.


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