This happened in Ibadan(den of ritualists sef).

One day we are hearing about the Ugandan maid who tortured a 2 year old, another day it’s 2 children who were kidnapped by a maid, followed by another maid in Abuja who strangled a 3 year old because madam says she can’t go home for Christmas!

News reaching me today is really pathetic. Apparently a cab man, that a family has been using for many years even before the couple’s first child who is 9 years old, allowed the devil to use him when he took the whole four children to the herbalist for ritual purposes.

The cab man according to a family friend, is the one that brings the children back from school, unaccompanied and has been doing so for many years now without issues. On that fateful day when he was expected back from school, the family didn’t see him and so became worried. All efforts to reach him proved abortive. So they set out to his home, only to catch him trying to flee with a travelling bag. It was after they beat him to the point of stupor, he took the family to the herbalist ‘s home where the children had been murdered in cold blood!

Tell me now…where do you expect this woman to start from?! 4 children O!

The moral of all these happenings is that we must never trust anybody with our kids. These are end times. Strange things are happening in full force and so we must be on guard against the enemy.

It remains school bus! We have to pray that the holy spirit will continue to arrest these drivers in Jesus name.  Whatever evil plan cooking in their minds will never be put to action. Amen.

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