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Dear NHW,

I’ve only being married for 3 years but I’ve not enjoyed marriage at all! I put to bed about 6 months ago

I met my husband in my place of work (am oil and gas firm) but the policy of the firm is that couples cannot work in the same place. So it’s either the husband or the wife retires. But me and my husband decided to stay because we both needed the money. We agreed that I won’t change my name and that we won’t let anyone know that we were married.

Not long after we tied the knots, my husband was transferred to the headquarters, where I heard the female bosses were ‘she – devils’ and chase men, married and unmarried! Anyway, my husband fell into that trap. He kept denying it until I overheard a phone conversation where his boss asked him to come and meet her at a particular restaurant. I insisted I was going with him if he had nothing to hide. He agreed and we set off the restaurant.

Do you know that as we approached the place, my husband called the woman, she refused to pick her phone! I think she had seen us and bailed.

She’s in the habit of keeping my husband till very late and gives him gifts like a bachelor. I’ve told my husband that he should tell he is married, but I don’t think he has.

I am tempted to go and warn her seriously because it seems as if my husband is more concerned in pleasing her and displeasing me.

Please,what do you advice?

*Wow, blog reader…that’s the rubbish we are experiencing these days, female bosses who shamelessly throw themselves at their married employees. Do no such thing by confronting her…highly unnecessary and degrading. I think the person you should be concerned about and should be looking at is your husband, what is his take in all these? Has he given you any reason to worry? Is his love for you waning?

If truth be told, one cannot totally avoid these type of women! It’s prayers that can push them away…MFM type of prayers!


  1. You don’t have business with the lady or woman. Don’t bring yourself down by talking or confronting her. Talk with your husband and keep praying. God will definitely uphold your marriage.

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