Photo credit: Mommy Brown

I don’t have any baby at the moment that requires it, but I see a lot of young mothers these days using it for their kids. Is it a fashion trend now? Because I can’t help but notice some really cool ones.


I personally don’t like them. Ideally they are meant to be used as ‘soothers’ but some mothers abuse it. It only makes sense to use pacifiers when your child is crying or is the type that ‘puts everything on site in the mouth’.

Some mothers who are lazy in preparing their baby’s food, would rather give them the pacifier, leaving the babies to suck on air. Why won’t your child look skinny and malnourished or have ‘colics’, when half of the time the baby is sucking the pacifier!

According to TODAY, “The primary reason for WHO’s policy on pacifiers is the potential for interference with suckling and establishing lactation,” says Dr. Chessa Lutter, a senior advisor in food and nutrition for the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization.

Another major reason why I can’t stand pacifiers is because when it falls on a dirty surface, some mothers either clean it with their dirty hands or dirty dress, or even suck it before putting it back in the baby’s mouth. There should actually be a loop tied to it so that it can hang around the child’s neck, but some mothers do not use it. Why?!

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