Photo credit: Black Christian News

I hear what a lot of my married friends say about their mother in laws, and so I’m always on the watch out for ‘troublesome’ ones.

My prayer has always been to never have a mother in law that is a witch in disguise. I was so sure I could tell the type I would have from the way her son behaved.

There is this guy I met during my registration for NYSC and we kinda clicked. You know the regular ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’ kind of guy. He was totally well spoken, taste in fashion, top notch. Hmmm… Anyway, we had a lot of things in common, same taste in movies, books, food…maybe not friends but most importantly, we got along.

We could have made a nice couple but…there’s usually a ‘but’ when you meet a guy that is too good to be real! His mother was the big BUT in extending our relationship…all too controlling. We never get past a complete sentence and she’s buzzing his phone asking about ridiculous things like “Where are you?”, “When are you coming home?”, “What do you want to eat?”, “Who are you with?”, “Should I come and pick you?”….Like seriously?!

“Ehm, Timi, how old are you again?!” I just had to ask.

“Why?”, he enquired.

“Your mom is always on your case!” I retorted. She should freaking give you a break!

“Oh, she’s just being a mom. She means no harm. You’ll get used to her, trust me”, he ended the matter.

Heeeellll No! I’m definitely not dealing!

Can you imagine? We had barely finished that conversation when Timi got a message from a waiter where we were hanging out, that his mom was waiting for him outside!

Now that’s some baggage I don’t intend to carry with me into my matrimonial home.


  1. while even considering to date a guy or even if am dating and I see red flags… the Mother or Sister….
    I first access if this guy values and respects me. This is because these controlling spirit of the sister or mother in law will torment your life during marriage.
    we live to learn.


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