Image credit: Tumblr

Why do girls do that? I hate when I hear that a guy had to get married to a girl, not because he wanted to, but because she ‘hung’ her pregnancy on him. It’s a different case if he willing decides to make the relationship permanent because his girlfriend, whom he loves is pregnant…at least he loves her.

If the love you have for him not reciprocated, pregnant or not, no point tying the knots with him. How can you cope in a loveless marriage?! *Some chics dey try sha!*

The worst thing you can do to yourself, is to force a guy to marry you because of pregnancy!…that is plain ‘Bondage’. I doubt if that man will be able to love you. He will loathe you and may even decide on his own to make your life a living hell, by cheating shamelessly and unapologetically on you. Do you want that?…didn’t think so!

You won’t be the 1st baby mama to walk this earth, so why are you deliberately putting your hand inside hot water? Why?! Please my dear, save yourself some self respect!

Because you are pregnant and not married, doesn’t mean you can’t find someone who will love you and marry you in your state.

You are black (okay, maybe not all of you)and beautiful. Let your man love you enough to do the right thing. Trust me, you don’t want to raise your kid in a loveless marriage, that’s not fair.

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