I’m just wondering why all these women are just coming out to say that Bill did this and that to them? Why didn’t they just speak out ages ago?!

Imagine someone like Janice Dickinson claiming rape at this point, when we all know that what happened back then was consensual. She chose to visit Bill at the mansion with her friend at the time she was 16 years old (You have to be a wild and bold 16 year old to visit an adult during that period). She chose to agree to Bill’s suggestion that she was 19 years old. She chose to take the drug-laced drink…all these were her choices (bad ones at that).

As a woman and a mother, I sympathise with her that a grown man like Bill (just like any other man except my brothers, husband and my late dad…they are very different set of men) exploited her  innocence youth!

Only if these women had brought these issue up much earlier, then they probably would have my full support. But for now, they should free this guy, he has done an honourable thing by publicly apologising and bowing out of his reputable positions.

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