Dear NHW,

I am not here to complain or confess anything, I am here to give you first hand gist. In fact, if I have to complain, it is about the fact that I am jobless. I need a job O! I studied Accounting and I have completed my service.

NHW, come and here story. Marriage is not easy O! If what I am seeing in my compound is about marriage, I would rather remain single.

I live in a middle flat of a 2-storey building somewhere in Aguda. Living in the flat above is a young couple with 2 little children. The wife of the man is a full time housewife, and so her job is to stay at home and take care of the children. Another couple stay in the flat below me, the man is self-employed while the wife is a government worker.

The koko of the gist is that, whenever the man above and the woman below go to work, the wife of the man above meets with the husband of the woman below. Do you get the drift? In short, these two people are having an affair!

For a pretty long time, I’ve been suspecting their behaviour. As you know because of joblessness, I stay at home ‘monitoring’ things. One day, while I was bringing in my washed clothes and climbing the staircase to my flat, I met the man from downstairs going to the last flat. This is not the first time I would see him go there. And it’s as if he times when the husband of the top flat woman goes out. I didn’t take this as anything, I was just irritated that he had made a habit of going to visit the married woman. I thought that is where everything would end. Hmmm…next thing I heard from the window in my room, while I was on my computer, voices that sounded like people quarreling. I put everything off, even my TV, and then moved closer to the window to hear well…Lo and behold! It sounded like 2 people making out. I was in so much shock, I had to call my cousin to confirm what I was hearing.

Na wah O! And when you see these 2 people outside pretending like they do not know each other! I am so disappointed.

*Lol! Blog reader, are you aware that what you did is what they call ‘First class Amebo’?! Anyway, thanks for sharing this gist, that’s why it’s good to have a job, so that you will see no evil and hear no evil! Please, no matter how angry or disgusted you are, just keep minding your business, nne.

I can’t call this your mail ‘Agony mail’ alone, I’ll have to add it to ‘Gossip galore’ lol!


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