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Dear NHW,

I’m so disgusted with my younger brother right now.

I am the oldest of 6 children and my younger brother is the second child but first son in the family. Our parents are aged and retired, leaving us to cater to the educational and financial needs of our last 3 siblings who are still in school.

While growing up, we’ve always joked but seriously, that we would not get married to poor people, so that we could take care of our parents. Besides, I think we children have suffered enough in the hands of poverty, so why should we marry poor people who will drag further into poverty and ultimately early death! This we agreed to do O!

Now, just few days ago, my brother introduced a very wretched girl, who hasn’t finished school, as his wife-to-be to us. After much investigation, I found out that this girl is the 1st of 8 children and they all live with their parents in a miserly 1 bedroom apartment. So you can imagine how many mouths she has to feed. I envision the amount of financial ‘load’ on my brother. We still have a lot to do in the house and now he wants to inherit somebody else’s problems.

Well, during the introduction, I kicked against the union. I didn’t hold anything back. I let the family of the girl know where I stand in the relationship. My stupid brother failed to see where I was coming from and just saw me as a “witch” and an enemy of progress. I don’t know if he’s girlfriend is pretending, but she didn’t utter any word throughout the fracas.

Please, what do you suggest I do about the situation because I am not myself at all?

*Dear blog reader, I feel you from the depth of my heart. Even me self, I hate poverty and its cohort with all my soul. Well, because we can only plan as human beings, God still has the final say, even if it doesn’t suit us. That’s the harsh reality of life. Rather than be confrontational about the whole thing, talk to both parties concerned about your fears and how they intend to alleviate those fears so that you can have peace of mind.

Because, saying that people should generally avoid poor people, or poor people do not deserve to be married, is not a fair thing to say. They didn’t beg to be born into a poor family.

So just pray my dear, for your brother and his relationship.


  1. I agree with u on this NHW. Poster take things easy n pray for God’s blessing upon your family. God’s way is diff frm ours, n dis girl might just b the light the both family need. Stop seeing things from the surface. Apologise to ur bro n his fiancee nd bless their union. Am out.

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  2. I felt bad after reading this post.
    Dear poster, i pray that when a richer guy comes for you his whole clan will insult you and your whole family and tell you how poor you are.
    You are not God and you have no idea what God has in store for your brother and her.

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