Kids are so awesome, so cute in their ways! That’s why I can’t understand it when I hear that women kill their babies or abandon them! …innocent beings. What do they know.

What this baby girl did to her mother, reminds me of when my kids were still babies…they just enjoy stepping on you or climbing all over you! #Nostalgia

Peaceful: At first glance it may look like Esther Anderson and her baby are sleeping peacefully 

Baby nose mommy: This baby doesn't want mommy to sleep so she tries picking mommy's nose to wake her

No shut eye: Baby tries poking mommy's eyes so that she wakes up to play with her 

Kiss mommy awake: At one point baby tries a little bit of TLC to rouse mommy from her nap 

Farty winks: When baby lets out a fart in mommy's face there is no way she is sleeping through that 

…She just won’t let the poor woman be! Lol!

Meanwhile, another ‘winch’ of a mother would have hit the child.


Photo credits: DAILY MAIL.


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