A set of conjoined twin boys, Asa and Eli, born to the Hambys’ in Atlanta, have died. The twins shared a body, arms and legs. Asa and Eli Hamby – who were delivered by c-section at 7.32am Thursday, only survived until 5pm the following day.

Sadness: Michael Hamby, above with the boys, and his wife were with their two boys as they passed away after a heart complication

The two developed an atrial flutter – where the heart beats of of sync – and their heart rate rocketed to 300 beats a minute. Doctors tried to regulate the rhythm with drugs, but ultimately could not save the boys.

Poignant: The parents uploaded this photograph of the twins' feet, with metal name tags, shortly after uploading an emotional video about their experiences

Cradled: Michael and Robin uploaded this photograph of them holding their twins in the hospital

Really sad! The couple have a 22 months old daughter at least, thank God!

Culled from DAILY MAIL.  Photo credits: Daily Mail

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