Hi peeps,

Happy Saturday…I know, please don’t rub it in! I didn’t just get up from bed…my day has been very full to the brim (everyone just wants a piece of me…lol!) #NigeriasSweetheart #DontHateMeHateTheGame

Okay, let me just come out clean, I was cleaning the house and generally being at everyone’s beck and call. *Feeling seriously ‘raped’*  Anyway, while I was cleaning, I came across a couple of old pictures…lol! I just have to share with you guys. I’m not going to show everything at once…naah! One by one ni!


Me with my mum, late dad and Godmother on my christening

Note how cute I looked…never knew beauty could run so deep…thank you! *seriously blushing* Note also the shoes back then!


The handwork of the maid then!

Instead of the maid to wear cloth for me, she would leave me without clothes, running around! Wetin concern my dad, he just loved taking pictures of his kids #IMissMyDaddy

That is all for today, more to come during the week!  


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