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I just heard this description yesterday and I thought it would be nice to discuss it here. When you hear or see the word for the first time, the first thing that comes to your mind in terms of definition is “A parent who probably does something weird or crazy that gets everyone talking”, right?…Wrong, that’s not the definition I got yesterday.

It’s funny how a lot of people (Nigerians to be precise) complain about our corrupt leaders, but we forget easily that these corrupt leaders evolved from a ‘home’, a ‘family’, where a child learns his or her first set of values. So, it’s okay to presume that ‘A child is a product of his or her home’. Now if these child grows up in a ‘permissive’ home, what do you think the outcome of that child’s behaviour would be?

The ‘Controversial’ parent is a parent who is seen by other parents as being ‘abnormal’ because that parent is not joining the bandwagon of parents who permit their kids to do the following:

  1. bribery
  2. cheating
  3. bullying
  4. lying
  5. forgery, etc

I say this because there is a new trend going on in secondary schools where a child has to campaign to be a prefect! Is this normal? Now, I hear the child uses everything he or she has got to get the post, to the extent of bribing fellow students with money, gifts and anything else that can be used! Parents are also in support of this, some even offer bags of rice! In the past, a child had to merit the post of prefect-ship. There was a criteria to be a prefect:

  1. The child must be academically sound.
  2. That child must have a good record of punctuality.
  3. The child must be of good behaviour or conduct.
  4. The child must be known to have a certain level of neatness.

If you don’t meet this criteria, you inarguably do not qualify. So, when did we get to the point where just any child who thinks he has money, fame and power, and with a totally bad record can campaign for a worthy post!

Parents have a lot of work to do. Let us teach our kids the proper thing, because these same kids will be the ones to rule this country, Nigeria, that we are trying so hard to revolutionize, tomorrow. There is absolutely no short cut to success…absolutely none.

These same parents are the ones that lobby for marks in exams for their kids, instead of making their kids study hard to earn their spot! These same parents are the ones that falsify their child’s records to get them to a place that they do not deserve…yet!

Teach your kids to earn their spot honourably!

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