Dear NHW,

I am feeling ashamed right now. My past seems to be haunting me.

I recently got married to an awesome guy who totally loves me but I have not been able to tell him about my past which includes my past relationship. Maybe it’s because, I wasn’t good to them or I simply thought I could blank it out or maybe it just didn’t matter.

I dated 3 guys in the past, I wasn’t fair to 2 of them. I double-dated. I know NHW, I am ashamed. They both found out and dumped me. It’s not something I am proud of. The 3rd guy was just too sweet but I felt he didn’t have a good hold on me and so I took all I could from him and bailed.

Unknown to me, 2 of the guys are actually my husband’s class mates while the 3rd one is a colleague of his at the office. The four men decided to meet for lunch and they are supposed to bring their partners or spouses. I can’t face them, I just can’t.

Please what do you suggest I do? Should I open up to him or look for an excuse not to go? Not going is like postponing this introduction for another day since they are basically friends!

*My dear blog reader, I really don’t see what your problem is! There is nothing in telling your husband about your past. It’s not like you married any of them! Your husband might understand and even ‘cover’ for you…except if you are not being completely honest about the whole story*

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