Some of you may be wondering “What’s naijahousewife’s own with Hannah Montana?” Please O, my own is there!

I’m a mother, you know?! I remember how my girls would rush to watch HANNAH MONTANA, especially because of Miley Cyrus who played the role of ‘Hannah Montana’. My girls believed so much in the ‘Gospel according to Hannah Montana’. If a little girl was well-behaved, hair, clothes and all in place, she was naturally referred to as ‘Hannah Montana’. Many girls would die to be called Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus was every girl’s Hannah Montana, the two could not be differentiated or separated.

Nowadays, most girls do not want to be called Hannah Montana anymore. Their icon, Miley Cyrus, has managed to kill that image…Oh, she did and is still doing a good job of it! Most parents would not readily allow their girls watch Hannah Montana anymore, that name is more or less a taboo in many homes. *sigh*

Did I hear you ask “why”? Because, one minute, the little girls see Miley Cyrus play the part of cool, good, fashionista girl, and another minute, they are seeing a Miley Cyrus, twerking and having her butt splattered all over the TV! How do they reconcile that? and they think to themselves, “It must be good right? It has to be acceptable, right? I mean…it’s HANNAH MONTANA! Capital NO!…It’s not accepted. Before you know what’s happening, all kids will think it is super cool to ‘Twerk’…afterall Miley does it.


I really miss HANNAH MONTANA…really I do. At first, when the change came for Miley, with all the Twerking and other things that came with it, I thought the world needed to give her break, she was probably going through ‘Adolescence and all its works’. I assumed she needed to do something really drastic so that people see her as an ‘adult’ and not a kid.

Well, it seems to me, she is stuck on that ‘change’…never to come out of it! Really a pity, I am wondering, how long is she going to keep making her point?! Is she getting worse or getting better?! #justasking Someone really needs to help her out of whatever situation she may be in. I’m wondering why Mummy Oprah hasn’t reached out to her just like she did with Lindsay Lohan?!

I think it’s time for Miley to stop putting up a front and be herself…her true self. She’s fast becoming a hazard to herself…I’m really worried for real.

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