Photo credit: Lazywrita

No need to keep deceiving yourself hoping that one day, your ‘donkey years’ boyfriend will pop the question.

Some of you ladies though, have refused to ‘shine your eyes’ and read between the lines that the guy you are dating is definitely not cut out for marriage, not now, not any time soon!

Let me help you identify those qualities that immediately detect those guys that are not ready to settle down.

1. He has a lot of ‘cousins’ and ‘sisters’ that take turns in spending the night at his place.

2. He never brings up the topic on ‘Marriage and kids’ no matter how long you’ve been dating each other.

3. Whenever you bring up the topic on ‘Settling down’, he allows you to do all the talking and doesn’t contribute ‘shishi’ to the gist.

4. He doesn’t make any attempt to meet any of your folks, even your cats and dogs in your yard…absolutely nobody!

5. He makes longterm plans without you in it!

6. Does not take care of your financial needs, but is fast to collect money from you. You must never enter marriage like this. If at all, he must collect or you must collect money, let it be a 50 – 50 thing. On no account, must he be the taker and you the giver! *Don’t say I didn’t warn you*

7. He’s always doing ‘fine boy’ parole even when you are out on a date with him. He’s sitting with you but has his eyes on some other chic.

8. He claims to be to shy to introduce you as a ‘girlfriend’ or a ‘fiance’ but is not shy to get into your pants…*Nne, don’t let him fill your head with lies*

After all these, decide now if you want to continue as a ‘Phantom’ girlfriend or you want a real lifetime partner to settle down with. The ball is in your court.

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