Image credit: Persephonemagazine

The story even tire me sef…

Here I am trying to read the headlines and I stumble on this article published in PUNCH, how a 13 year old girl in basic 4, Chikwuo Ezennia, eloped with an unidentified man!

According to her guardian, the girl was supposed to go back to her parents this December and she had a history of moving around with men, and now she has been missing since Thursday.

According to Mrs Okolo,

She said, “Ezennia is just 13, but she looks big enough to be called a man’s wife. If you see her, you will think she is a lady. She just came from the village to spend some time with us and she is supposed to go back this December. But since that Thursday, we have yet to find her.

“The reason I suspect she may be with a lover is because of some recent developments. Just a week before that incident, I travelled to Benue for a programme, and she was alone with my children in the house. There is a phone that my children use which contains only my number and my husband’s.

“But when she fled home and we started the search, I picked up the phone and to my surprise, I saw a string of strange numbers.

“The children said Ezennia used the phone when I travelled.

“I wondered who she might have been calling since she is new in Lagos.”

Na wah O! I just pray the girl is found…somebody’s child.

Since reading this piece, all sorts of thoughts have been going through my mind…was she sexually abused early in life, this one that she likes moving around with men?! Could she be possessed?! Is one really sure she is 13?! And I just hope she has not been kidnapped or hypnotised away from home! #anythingispossibleinnaija #sexslave

Please O, Nigerian police should intensify their search biko!


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