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Dear NHW,

Should I be worried?

My husband and I were generally relaxing yesterday night and suddenly my husband mentioned that my cousin whom I had driven away from my house some months back, had a habit of calling him asking for money, meanwhile, she has never called me.

It is this same behaviour that made me drive her away. She tried to steal my friend’s husband or rather they were having an affair. Apparently it was not only him, she would invite men to my house when I am at work, doing what I  don’t know. In order to prevent any more disgrace to our family, I drove her away. She was even too proud to beg. Later, I heard from people who knew her that she said she could survive without me.

Well my husband claims he hasn’t given her any money, instead he just ‘posts’ her. I was not totally satisfied with his reply because, God forbid, that is how it starts. I am wondering why he couldn’t warn her point blank not to call his phone.

Without seeming wicked, I actually want to call her and ask her why she’s calling my husband’s phone? Or how do I go about it? Should I just report her to our people? 

*My dear blog reader, just try and calm down. This is what we see these days, highly ungrateful relatives. This matter is a small matter. If you have to call her, then call her but don’t address her as if you and her are mates, that’s when she will act like both of you are dragging for man! The height of mischief in these girls these days, only God will help us.

Just use a calm warning tone and tell her to desist from calling your husband, that that is very disrespectful of her (and it is). That if she needs anything, she should call you instead, even though you may or may not give her what she wants…the whole idea is to warn her sha!        


  1. i think you should pray about it curse and break all soul ties. this is bc those irresponsible ones for sure for sure revenge. maybe that’s just step1 calling your husband… in my family one waited like few years to scheme revenge,.


  2. Na wa! The thing is, ur cousin is totally wrong. Tell ur husband that if she calls again, he should tell her to call you instead. He should let her know that there’s no way he can give her money except through you ( his wife ). Do not be too fast to call her or involve your family. Then if this approach fails, take extreme measures that will keep her off completely. IMO.

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