wpid-wp-1417621098521.jpegAll those times it seemed like I had abandoned you guys, I was on a major break from the hustle and bustle of Lagos life.


A visit to one of my awesome friends…missed her loads!


If you live in Lagos, you are constantly on ‘Play’ mode, no ‘Pause’ button for you. For the first time in our 11years of being married, my hussy decided it was time for us to rekindle…on one condition! On the condition that we do not include shopping. How would that be possible?! Who travels without shopping?! He claimed that that would kill the essence of the holiday…to rest. Yes, I must admit, shopping is stressful or can be, especially when you have to include people on the list. Oh! well, I just had to admit and accept the offer…sebi I na me nah! *wink*


Some times, these our husbands are soo sweet, other times, you think you may have married a demon! I felt like a princess on this trip…getting up whenever I so desired, having meals at the snap of my fingers…I just wished it would never end.


Me and my coz! Love her to bits! My dream is to fatten her up!


Gosh! Almost got drowned in food…this is not even half of it!


Just fooling around!


Me with my awesome sister inlaw. Had to make that cold trip to Sunderland!


Gifts from Gerald and Jemu


I must be dreaming right?!


My sister inlaw just hates it…says it looks like an ‘Nna’ cap!

Other things happened, that is best left unpublished. I don’t want to be the cause of someone’s blindness!









  1. See ur ‘swaggalicious’ pose. No let kim here am o. Lovely pics by the way and did I mention that u’ve got a good sense of humour. Am new here though.


  2. I don’t think I would like to be caught wearing that ya cap Gisela, I hope you have thrown it away n to worsen matter your hubby had it on too. Where did u guys get them from.

    Liked by 1 person

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