I’m so sorry people for missing in action for sooooo long! As housewife concern, you should understand.

Imagine coming back from a non-shopping trip and meeting an ill child (my son to be precise). In my head, I’m thinking I should actually be coming home super-energized to start another phase of my life with excitement but no, my darling son had to welcome me with GASTROENTERITIS! So you can imagine how I have used up my well conserved energy…almost feels like I am back to square one.

Anyway, I’m still grateful to God for this new and last month of the year. We I  have  every reason to praise my Alpha and Omega (I had to cancel the ‘we’ because some people are naturally ungrateful, so let me speak for myself).

As usual, this is my own special way of saying ‘Thank you’ for bringing NAIJAHOUSEWIFE this far…and of course for the fastest hands! I have packed gists and ‘Agony mails’ for you guys, waiting to be published.

MTN – 4782 2998 1361
ETISALAT – 24539 11956 26167
GLO – 17417 61183 27764
AIRTEL – 1422 9290 0297 5963 (If this does not load, let me know…I mistakenly overscratched)


2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW MONTH GUYS!!

  1. Dear NHW, i have really missed you. Never knew i was these hooked to your blog cos i kept refreshing since Nov. 29. Thank God you are back sha. Happy new month.

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