I dunno but I’m sort of having mixed feelings about this union of Frank and Sandra. Please, don’t get me wrong, I wish them a happy married life…but…

You see, I hate ‘but’ in any statement. I just feel that before any woman decides to fall hook, line and sinker, in a relationship, or more precisely to a ‘second hand husband’, she should do her own investigations, especially from the previous wife! You do not need to believe everything she says, but take something from your conversation and match it with your own observations. I tell you, a scorned wife will definitely spill! So its better to get the gist from her while she’s still hurt or healing.

I dunno about you, but I love learning from other people’s experiences. So are you saying that if you hear that the guy you are dating has a history of domestic violence and ‘stinginess’, you won’t want to clarify the allegations?


Anyway, lemme stop being a sour grape and wish them well! Frank and Sandra, I wish you guys all the best…truly. 

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