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Dear NHW,

I really love your blog. I stumbled on it on Google and since then I’ve been stuck.

I am writing to seek your advice on my relationship because I trust you will tell me as it is.

One day, while I was going through my Facebook page, I got a friend request from a guy. I was reluctant in accepting the request since we didn’t seem to have mutual friends. What I did was to checkout his profile and other photos of his, I won’t lie, it was quite impressive. He’s a Nigerian based in America, single and works as an Engineer in a renowned company. From what I saw in his photos, he seemed to have a lot of friends.

To cut story short, after I accepted his friend request, we became good friends, chatting like ‘no man’s business’ for the past 6 months. He wants to take our relationship to another level but my friends are skeptical about it. They tell me it’s dangerous because he might not be who he claims to be. That there are guys out there who profile girls like me because of my status. I am 39 years old working as a manager in a big organisation.

I really want to settle down and have a family. My guy wants to meet up with me this December and my friends and some members of my family totally disagree.

Please, is there anything I’m missing out in terms of being cautious. What do you honestly think about my meeting him?!

*My dear blog reader, I won’t lie to you. You just have to be mega careful. There are so many evil men out there looking for single, rich and somewhat ‘desperate’ girls to marry. It’s so easy to deceive people through social media, more so, when you do not have mutual friends to enquire from. I’m not saying good relationships do not evolve from social media, but it is very very rare. The guy can move from being Prince Charming to The Beast!

Hire a private investigator if you must or better still always confirm whatever gist he serves you…get details of who his family members are, as well as his friends. Do a follow through, do not just take his words for it.

If you must allow him to come visit you, then it must always be done in public, even through out his stay.

I wish you all the best in your new found love. #IStillDontTrustFacebookLove


  1. Miss 39 year old. You are a blessed person.. first off thank God you have good friends. say good friends. you have a good job.. say good job.. next you have got good intuition. the reason you asking this, it’s bc you r not at peace. But when emotions collate with the mind it’s difficult not to make a decision..
    What was your first thought before you checked his profile?
    As adviced by Horllah pray and fast… during that time. whatever target time you put in your mind. lets say three days do not communicate with him.
    You get your answer.


  2. What I will suggest u do is involve yourself in fasting and prayer tell God that if he is d will of God he should show you d way. God is a merciful God he answers prayers, that’s if u have faith in him.


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