Image credit: Kendrive Blog

The police have arraigned one Edith Bidokwu for allegedly defrauding a lawyer, who she claimed was the father of her two children.

It was learnt that the woman and the lawyer, Obaduemu Bright, had dated each other for 10 years until recently when a DNA test showed the two children she claimed to have had for him were not his.

PUNCH Metro gathered that Edith, who was arraigned alongside her 54-year-old mother, Mrs. Rita Bitokwu, had allegedly duped the lawyer to the tune of N1m under the guise of bringing up the children.

Our correspondent learnt that Edith, who lives on Ibitoye Street, Ajegunle, threatened to inform the lawyer’s wife of the relationship whenever he was unwilling to pay her.

Meanwhile, Bright was said to be aware that the woman was going out with other men, but could not raise the alarm to avoid trouble.

He, however, summoned up courage and challenged her on the legitimacy of the children on September 24, 2014 after he could not raise more than N170,000 of the rent which Edith and her mother allegedly requested from him.

He was said to have taken the children to a hospital where a DNA test reportedly revealed he was not their biological father.

Culled from PUNCH

*Some women are just plain evil! Most men have wised up now! Any lady walking up to you and claiming that you are the father of their child or children, relax…you can always do a DNA check!*

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