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See what a human being tweeted : (at this time and age)



When parents have children, they pray that kids grow up to be a positive influence to themselves, the people around them and the society as a whole!

But when you have a child who grows up to use hate words on people around them, it makes you wonder about her home and from whose ‘womb’ she came out from.

I refuse to blame this child who has the guts to open her mouth and say hurtful things at times like this when people are grieving and fighting for their rights and those of their children and children’s children, I blame her parents. A child is a product of her parents. I can only imagine what her home is like: unhappy, disharmony, racist, hate and all the evil things you can imagine. I pray to God I am wrong.

I urge parents to assume their duties and bring their kids up in a loving and godly environment, to teach them to love rather than hate, to bless rather than persecute or else these kind of kids will continue to be an embarassment to themselves, family and the world as a whole.

We are trying to fight terrorism, but you can see already, some kids are already terrorists even without knowing it. Anyone that does harm or says hurtful things to their fellow mankind, as far as I am concerned, is a terrorist!

When you die, God is not going to ask if you are black or white, He wants to know how much positive impact you have had on the society. Any one who is still judging people by their skin colour must have a pea-sized brain or just has anencephaly (no brain).

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