It is the responsibility of every parent to teach their children, especially their male kids to play safe and responsibly too. What happened to this 12 year old was clearly an avoidable and unnecessary death. His parents should take the blame too. It’s really sad that he had to die this way, if only he hadn’t even carried the gun to the playground, if only he hadn’t used it to scare people, if only he had listened when the police asked him to raise his hands up…if only’s!

Too young: Mr Henderson added that he was distraught over the death of his 'superhero', Tamir (pictured), whom he described as a keen basketball player who was tall for his size, polite and 'very artistic'

Photo credit: DAILY MAIL

According to Daily Mail, Tamir Rice was just a 12 year old who was waving a BB gun in the Ohio playground. As a mother, I really wish he hadn’t brought that gun at all to the playground. He was a child quite alright but he was fully aware of what he was doing.

There is so much tension going on almost everywhere in America, concerning guns and all, therefore children need to be fully educated about what is going on and how to stay away from problems.

I pray God comforts Tamir’s family and may the soul of Tamir rest in perfect peace.



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