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Please I need you to help me out of this one. I don’t understand why my husband can’t stand my father. As in, he hates everything connected to my father.

Granted, my father was never really in support of our marriage in the beginning, but I think he has changed and is making a big effort to show his apologies. Also, things were not financially great for us early in our marriage and when we asked my parents for a loan, my father refused and said he should go and learn to become a man, that my husband shouldn’t start early in the marriage to be borrowing. My husband was upset, but that was when my father hadn’t really accepted our relationship.

Now my husband is not really crazy about me dropping our 2 kids off with them, but he drops them anyway. If my father comes visiting, my husband confines himself  to the room, not wanting any form of conversation with him.

Another thing I am thinking, is maybe because my father showers so much love on me (I am the first of 2 girls), my husband may be a little jealous.

Please, I need a solution fast. I need them to have a good relationship, at least for the sake of my kids.


*My dear blog reader, all you need to do is do your own investigation. Find out from your husband what grudges he holds against your father and then try to do same with your father. Judging from what happened early in your union, it’s most likely your husband hasn’t gotten over the hurt, but I expect that really he should have.

I hope for your sake, you don’t speak ill of your father to your husband because that could contribute to it. All the same communication on both ends with both parties, is still the key. Don’t forget to add prayer too.

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