This is plain evil! Why would a mother carry a pregnancy for over 9 months and then kill the baby? Whatever happened to giving the baby up for adoption? It’s even better to abandon the child in a safe place where good Samaritans will be able to discover him or her.

Photo credit: DAILY MAIL

The 30 year old mother of this baby boy, who was born last Monday, is being charged for attempted murder, after she dropped him in a drain and left him to die for over 5 days. Cyclists found him wapped in a plastic and hospital blanket with a peg still attached to his umbilical cord.

Thank God the child has moved from critical to stable condition.

The drain was covered by a concrete slab which weighed over 200kg and took six people to lift, including two police officers who had arrived at the scene.

They were then able to extract the baby boy, who was wrapped in a striped hospital blanket covered in dirt with the peg still attached to his cut umbilical cord.

Inspector David Lagats said that police believe the baby dumped through a small gap at the top of the drain, underneath the concrete slab.

Police have indicated that the hole covering the storm drain was just large enough for the baby to fit through

Photo credit: DAILY MAIL


Authorities are investigating the lead that the newborn boy was dropped from the height of 2.4m

Photo credit: DAILY MAIL

There were fears that the baby may have suffered internal injuries after being dumped in the drain, which had a drop of 2.5m.

Culled from DAILY MAIL.

*Some kids were born to be VICTORS, even you the mother have no hand in their destiny. #SayNoToAbortion

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