Image credit: Chloe of the Mountain

Vaginal dryness is not a funny matter. Unfortunately, it affects a lot of women, both old and young.

Vaginal dryness causes PAINFUL SEX. Painful sex, as you know, is not enjoyable and can lead to disharmony between couples. A lot of men are not that patient in helping their spouses find the cause of the dryness. Instead, they look for alternatives *cough* but then again, only if the husband is unreasonable.

One of the major causes of vaginal dryness is Menopause (cessation of menstruation) in which there is a drop in oestrogen level. Oestrogen is a female hormone that helps to keep the vaginal lubricated or wet.

Other causes may include:
– Use of hormonal contraceptives such implants, injectables, etc.
– Irregular sexual activity ( absentee sex life).
– Vaginal infections like yeast infection and others.
– Douching or washing the inside of the vagina with certain soaps.
– Marital discord or when the wife is just not in a happy place.
– Memories of past sexual abuse.
– Bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol excessively.

The good thing, girls, is that Vaginal dryness can be treated. Don’t let people tell you that your sex life is finished or is expired! Even ‘oldest’ women enjoy good sex. You can start by doing either of the following:
– Stop Douching. If you must, then let it be with a vaginal or intimate wash.
– Stop smoking or drinking alcohol(at least not until you have solves your problem)excessively.
– Try and have regular sex with your partner. Stop working too hard and get a sex life. This will help to increase vaginal wetness and orgasms as a bonus *wink*.
– You have to settle your problems with your spouse or see a marriage counsellor who can help you guys settle marriage problems.
– Visit the psychologist who can help you deal with your past. You may not necessarily have been sexually abused but you definitely have a troubled past.
– Then visit your physician if you have vaginal infections.


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