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Yes I did! I just had too. She’s been with me for close to 2 and a half years, but I just had to let her go. For now, it seems like a very good decision to me.

As much as I will miss her, her cup was already full to the brim. When she first started the job, she would resume pretty early, do her job over-properly and leave at the appropriate time. I swear I thought she was God sent! I totally forgot she was only human.

A year after, little did I know she had studied me and concluded that I was not a wicked person (I really need to learn how to be evil wicked!) and so the sloppiness at work started.


  1. Late resumption at work
  2. Sleeping excessively on the job + over eating and not doing the job (My kids actually film her while she snores)
  3. Leaves for her home really early (My ‘spy’ kids record the time she resumes and the time she leaves…I did not send them)
  4. Graduation from small pilfering to mega pilfering of anything you can think of.
  5. She got another job while working for me but will return before I get back.
  6. Started taking too many unauthorised off-duties and would still expect to be paid even when I threaten her
  7. She started cooking other people’s meals, as well as hers in my kitchen with my ingredients (everyone knows how much I hate shopping!)
  8. She looked tired…I dunno, maybe bored…and so I decided to end her misery!

I have decided that the next housekeeper I get, will have to sign a contract to work for a particular period of time. It’s not healthy keeping them for ‘donkey’ years #SeeFinishSyndrome

So, my darling blog readers, only time will tell if this was a  bad decision. For now, it feels really good.


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