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Guys, this one is for you. As much as I care about the woman folk, I also care about you. There are many good guys out there who do not deserve what they get from some ladies.

It hurts me when I see ladies who want to settle down with rich guys but don’t want to be part of the success story. They disappear when the going is tough and the road extremely rough, and appear again when they see things are looking very juicy. And those that are lucky in making a comeback, want to dictate to the man how to spend his money…Mscheew!

Why do you ladies want to reap where you did not sow? Why do you want to eat your cake and have it?…because some of you who want the good life badly and can’t afford to struggle with your man, keep another man by the side who basically attends to your materialistic whims! And when you are caught dead on your tracks, you start begging…begging for what nah? Begging that he should take you back for not having faith in him? Begging that he should forgive you for not sweating it out with him? Begging that he should take you back for not being his support system? Begging for what exactly?!

You, who wants to comeback into the life of the man you abandoned, never believed in his dreams. You never had kind words for him, rather you washed him everyday with curses, comparing him to his fellow man. You are still the same girl that dated his friend because that one had a lot of money to throw around. You are the very same person that never failed to remind him of his impoverished state. You, are still the same person that said he would never make it in life and that you felt sorry for any woman who ended up with him, and then you walked out of his life.

Remember when he begged and begged you for another chance to prove his love for you, as well as his worth. Remember all the insults he had to endure from your family and friends, and you sat there not defending him….Now you want to comeback!

Let me tell you a true-life story about Akeem…

Akeem was an orphaned mechanic who had no-one else in the world except his girlfriend, Sarah. Akeem and Sarah had been dating since his secondary school days. They really loved each other or so we thought.

When Akeem’s parents died in an autocrash, his future started looking bleak. Sarah knew she wouldn’t be able to stay in a relationship such as that. So while Sarah continued furthering her education, Akeem erolled as an apprentice mechanic in a garage. The relationship slowly became strained since Sarah had acquired a new improved status while Akeem’s seemed to be declining. They finally broke up on his birthday right in front of all their friends…very humiliating.

One day, a white man came to Nigeria and needed his car fixed, he was tired of being duped by a lot of mechanics. Everybody knew Akeem, he was a very responsible and honest guy, and so he was highly recommended. Akeem got the job done and the white man was so pleased, that he said he was going to reward him. We did not take the gist seriously until one day we heard that Akeem had travelled to Germany to further his education. The white man had kept his promise.

Eight years later, Akeem came back as an Engineer and opened an Auto-mechanic Workshop which till date is doing so well. I heard that Sarah has been making a spectacle of herself in trying to comeback into his life.

I cancel every ‘Sarah’ in your life today, if you are a guy reading this. The same goes for you girls, who are trying to destroy another woman’s marriage because the man is rich.

Please if you are trying to be a ‘Sarah’ but you love your man, ask God to intervene in your matter and in that of your fiance. Ask God to grant you patience to reap what you are sowing. Ask God to allow you to be used as a support system for your partner.

…because if you dare leave, forget about coming back! I will personally pray against it.


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