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Dear NHW,

Please I need your advice on this my relationship that doesn’t seem to be moving an inch!

I have been dating this guy for almost 5 years now and I don’t feel we are making headway in this relationship. I am in my late 20s and the pressure on me to settle down is getting too much. My fiance is in his mid 30s and has a good job, so I still can’t figure out what the problem is.

A year after we started dating, the complaints began. He complained that he didn’t like my dressing, I now wear what he wants me to wear. He said he didn’t like the friends I hung out with, I have dropped most of them. He said I argue too much, I just listen now. He said my hair was always untidy, that I don’t look presentable, now I look over presentable. He complained that my work was taking too much of our time together, NHW, I am now jobless because of him.

Recently, I just enrolled into a catering school, though he hasn’t complained about my cooking, I just felt I should perfect it before he starts complaining. Since last month, I have been watching football channel with him after he complained that I don’t like the programs he likes.

Please what do you think? Should I just move on because me, I am tired of his complaining.


*Dear blog reader, I must commend you for your patience and tolerance. It is ladies like you that definitely make heaven. Lol! You even tried to last this long! But really, it’s either this fiance of yours is a natural complainant or he is just not into you! If I were you, I will pack what is left of my belongings in his possessions and run! This guy doesn’t sound like someone who is ready to settle down…at least not with you.

So my advice is for you to MOVE ON!!



  1. Dear girl. Just leave him alone. A man that wants to marry will do so even if you are under presentable.
    It seems you are live in lovers. Please go back to your place or get a place of your own. ANd make up ur mind to move on. He is not serious.

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  2. Gbam. NaijaHousewife nailed it. This guy is not ready to settle down with. Just pack your things and move on. Look for the black goat while it is still daylight. Stop wasting your time with him.


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