Image credit: Breathe Heavy

Come on gurl…like seriously?! That’s a huge No! No! from my end!

Unless except …if all you want is just a one night stand. #justsaying But if you are considering the probability of making him a part of your future, then I wouldn’t advise you sleep with him on the first date…even if your pants are on fire!

It’s always nice to not only keep him panting but to save the best for last. If sex is delayed, he gets to know the real you, not through your panties! The more you delay sex, the more conversation he has with you unknowingly because, really all he has on his mind is sex, so for him to have that hot sex, he just has to continue the conversation!

If the ‘situation’ is getting really hot, then excuse yourself and ‘relocate’ to where ever…just leave before you start saying someone’s name!

I don’t particularly believe that LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT happens for guys, maybe for girls, yes, but for guys it’s LUST AT FIRST SIGHT! It’s when they explore what they are lusting for, and if they like, it could transform to LOVE.

So help him appreciate the ‘real’ you.

What you could possibly do on the first date is to use all your ‘cerebral’ power to keep him captivated. So to him, you not only have beauty, you have brains! Most guys like the blend of beauty and brains. But if you know you do not have anything up there, it’s only by God’s grace he remembers you or asks you out again!

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