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Dear NHW,

I am not happy. I just found out that I am pregnant with my sixth child. I don’t think I can cope. My husband doesn’t know this because I intend to terminate it.

I got married at the age of 20 and I have not had a moment’s rest. I am only 35 years old for goodness sake. My first child will soon be 15 years old and just got out of secondary school. I just had a baby boy last year and I don’t feel my body has fully recovered.

I have never used birth control since I got married and my husband has refused to let me use any. We are Catholics but does that mean we should be giving birth like rabbits? My mates have 2, 3, at most 4 (which is rare sef) children and they are very content with the number. Raring children when you have a job is not easy, even when you have the whole money in the world.

My husband claims we use natural family planning, but he does not follow my cycle or know my fertile days. When we meet on my ‘unsafe’ days and I remind him, he says he won’t pour in or does not pour in, but I end up getting pregnant like now.

I want to go on my own and use birth control after I have terminated this one. Please what do you think?


*My dear blog reader, I am not in support of what you want to do. It is totally criminal. See the way you refer to your pregnancy as if it is not a human being growing inside of you. You did not create life and so you don’t have the right to take it. I suggest you and your husband visit your clinic to get a better understanding of ‘Birth control’ or if you insist on using the Natural Planning method, then visit a proper counsellor so that you both understand how to use it effectively. There is no way that method will work if both of you are not actively involved! Men can be obstinate, I understand, but they can also be obedient and understanding, if things are explained to them like ‘A, B, C’.

Please, that child that you want to terminate has nothing to do with what you and your husband did. That child has a right to live as much as you do too and your other kids.



  1. Your husband won’t let you use “artificial birth control methods” because he is Catholic, but he will use withdrawal Method. It is obvious that he is not aware that the Catholic teaching on contraception also forbids the withdrawal Method. So where lies his excuse.


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