Image credit: Akahomeschoolmom

Being a woman is beautiful. Being a wife is even more beautiful.

The ability to love and cherish someone else apart from yourself makes you emboldened! Be proud of who you are because you are a woman of strength and dignity!

There is no ugly woman, just lazy ones.

Today, I need you wives out there, to do the following:
– Find joy in everything you do because you are alive to do them. No one gets a second chance in life.
– Tell God how grateful you are for the gift of Family. You may be experiencing turbulence in your marriage, still Thank Him.
– Take time out of your busy schedule to do that manicure you’ve always wanted or those braids you can die for! Just look good today!
– Wipe that flat look off your face and smile, someone out there is depending on it.
– Stop dwelling on what you haven’t done or need to achieve and start thinking positively. Sitting in a corner and replaying your problems will only succeed in removing your glow.
– Be the ‘neck’ that God says you should be. Without the neck, can the ‘head’ stand? …Even other parts of the body will be disconnected!
– Cook that balanced meal for you and yours. Your body needs it.
– No matter how hectic your life may seem, don’t forget to spend time with ‘you’. You need to reconnect with you…trust me, you need it!

Your ability to carry out your daily chores without neglecting the spiritual condition of your heart, as well as holding the hands of your loved ones, while you lead them to a place of peace…is your TRUE ESSENCE as a wife.


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