Photo credit: PEOPLE

Kerisha Mark, 40, suffered from gigantomastia, a rare hormonal condition that causes excessive breast growth. To make matters worse, another breast tissue was developing under her armpit.

This same breast size that some people  would die for, Kerisha decided to have a reduction because she suffered from a lot of physical and psychological pain.

In Kerisha’s words,

“I would get ridiculed and stared at, because while I could mask or conceal [my breasts] to a certain degree, they pretty much just stuck out from the rest of my body,” says the Texas resident, who was larger than a 36N bra size prior to her surgery. “I was having a rough time finding clothing and bras that fit.” 

On people’s reaction seeing the ‘new’ her,

“I forget that people haven’t seen me in months, so when they see me for the first time, the reaction is always screaming and jumping up and down!” 

*I can just imagine! Some people just have things in double portion!*

Culled from PEOPLE

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