Towels could be the most germ-riddled part of your home, experts have warned. This is because they retain moisture for long periods of time - allowing the bacteria to survive - and are used in the kitchen and bathroom 

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Yep, you are right…The Towel!…The hand and body towel.

I need parents to really pay particular attention to this one. There are some ‘stubborn’ parents in our midst who make unforgivable mistakes with these items.

The towel is the most germ-infested object in the house because it retains moisture which forms a breeding ground for bacteria and are used in the most germ-ridden areas of the house. Sickness-causing bacteria has been detected in 90% of towels and E.coli bacteria in 26%. These bacteria can be transferred from person to person and is known to even cause Athlete foot.

One needs to be careful in handling the kitchen towel because it can lead to outbreaks of food-poisoning and diarrhoea (remember the hands are involved).

Study author Charles Gerba said:

‘You can cross contaminate food when you wipe your hands on a towel and then contaminate other foods or bring your hands to your mouth and infect yourself. With face and bath towels you may spread bacteria and viruses among family members who use the same towels’

Parents, you shouldn’t be allowing your kids share towels (even if they are siblings). sharing towels is the fastest way to get skin infections, as well as spread viruses and bacteria. *Remember ‘ila’ (ringworm)

How to be free from infections passed from towels

  1. No Sharing of towels.
  2. Wash bathing towels if possible every week.
  3. Soak towels, especially kitchen towels with bleach for a few minutes.
  4. Better to use hand dryers or paper towels in toilets.


Culled from WebMD (not everything sha!)

ANSWER TRUTHFULLY…If answer is All the time or Sometimes, please stop the habit today.

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