Remeber the saying, "As you make your bed, so you must lie in it"...Hie bed sure looks made!

Remeber the saying, “As you make your bed, so you must lie in it”…Hie bed sure looks made!

Getting some kids to study is like moving a mountain! That’s my 11 year old for you.

Not sure if it is me but getting him to understand the importance of studying, not to mention hard, seemed like preaching in swahili! Why are the girls so mature and somewhat responsible? My daughters are simply sensational when it comes to studying…and my son doesn’t care if they are studying right in his face!

Today was quite funny…I was like his worst nightmare!

I followed him bumper-to-bumper, he even had to cry out, “Mummy, please give me a break!!”

“No I won’t, you just have to study! Confine yourself in your room. No TV. No Game. Just your books. You are not to be seen around the TV area. Git?!”, I was practically screaming at the top of my voice…enjoying every moment of torture. He rolled his eyes at me, but who cares…all I want is for him to study.

30 minutes later, he is out and in my face, “Mummy, I am done. Can I go and watch TV now?” You know, he regretted even asking that question. Apart from knowing what the answer would be, he made me start the do-you-know-how-much-your-father-pays-as-your-schoolfees story! That story, along with other talks, could go on like 45minutes! *Hehehe*

But he didn’t let me finish, “Mummy, I am going. In fact, I’m gone”. He disappears for another 45 minutes, I think and is screaming from his room, “Mummy, the walls are closing in on me!”…Can you believe this guy?!

My son is an interesting species, really he is. He doesn’t think one needs to stress himself to get the finest things in life…well, he is wrong!

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